I am New

I am new – What’s In It For Me?

Seamanship Education: NOT a fire hose or a one day test summary and NOT an online YouTube video. We have live classes with instructors who are experienced boaters. Ask a question specific to your waters or boat and you will get an answer you can use. We have classes in every level of seamanship that you could need except for commercial shipping ? these are a little big for our waterways! These are quality courses that are still affordable, backed by a national organization that has been doing this since 1914.

Vacation while at home: ?Well, maybe that?s a stretch, but you can learn a lot hanging around with a group who have been on the water collectively for as many years as we have. If you don?t find the answer in one of our classes, you?ll probably find it talking to the member you just found out lives around the corner.

Safety First: ?We have members who will inspect your boat. And hope you will learn how to inspect other boats to help everyone be safe. We have had picnics where we have demonstrated fire extinguisher usage. On Spring Boating Safety Day we show you which life preservers belong to you and which ones belong in Davy Jones? Locker. We have fun doing it, but the point is boating safety for you and your guests and we do not forget that.

Party Party Party😕 We like to socialize year round. We are on land in the winter, on the water in the summer, and we double-up and do both in the fall and spring. We ?raft up? (look it up or take our class) and cruises, dinners and holiday parties, and a speaker series with some top-notch presentations. You can just do the education classes if you want, but we bet you will find your way to a social event sooner or later.

Discounts: Everybody (or your spouse) loves saving money. Most insurance companies will give discounts to our members. And why not? We are always talking about safer boating. We are a pretty big organization nationally (USPS) and we have a lot of great product discounts worked out too. From charts to software, online boating stores, rentals of all types, small boats and even seafood. We probably have a discount program you can use every week.

What do you do now:

We?re all volunteers but we still charge annual dues to keep this squadron going. You don?t need a boat! The only other requirements for membership are an interest in boating related activities and an eagerness to meet like-minded people.


**Contact our Administrative Officer for more details.