Squadron History

United States Power Squadrons, Mid-Potomac Sail & Power Squadron

Chartered in September 2001 with 62 charter members, the Mid-Potomac Sail and Power Squadron is one of the youngest squadrons in District 5 of the United States Power Squadrons. USPS? is America?s largest and oldest nonprofit recreational / educational boating organization and is dedicated to making boating safer and more enjoyable by teaching classes in basic boating, seamanship, navigation and related subjects.

Our members are boating families who contribute to their community by promoting safe boating through education and participate in a wide variety of social activities, both on and off the water, such as dinners, rendezvous (joint multi-squadron on water events), and cruises.

-?First Bridge?-

Commander: Cdr John M. Malatak, P

Executive Officer: Lt/C Ed Leonard

Administration Officer: Lt/C Mike Coffey

Education Officer: P/C Mike Foster, AP

Secretary: Lt/C Sandie Doucette

Treasurer: Lt/C Jane W. Malatak

Members at Large: Lt Darrell R. Edgar

Members at Large: Lt Arnie Schwartz

Members at Large: Lt Randy Semper


From – ?The River View:?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

bridgeWE DID IT! I proudly stood before 700 fellow Power Squadron members during the Fall

Governing Board held in Little Rock, AR and on Saturday, September 8, 2001 ? we officially

received our CHARTER STATUS as the Mid- Potomac Power Squadron (we are now a full

participating squadron ? no more ?provisional status?). And if not receiving ?charter? approval

was exciting enough, when our proposed burgee was presented for approval by the 700 member

Governing Board, yes?.. You guessed it?. Our burgee was approved. Now we can fly our own

colors with pride. I plan on displaying our sample burgee as well as our charter during our October 9th General membership meeting. Thanks for everyone?s hard work and dedication to making a difference on the water. CDR John M. Malatak, P


Virginia Non-profit: Activities subsection: Educational Organization

Address P.O. Box 82, Stafford, VA 22555